VCR251 Jumbo Head Drive Rivet Aluminum

The 3/8 diameter Jumbo Head Drive Rivet is the first rivet designed specifically for the traffic sign application. Installed with just a hammer it is very quick and easy to install. The flush type head makes it difficult for vandals to remove. SFS labels each bag making it easy for identification and can even private label the bag with your company name. It is available plain or painted to match sheeting colors. Competitive Drive Rivets offer none of the above features.


  • Minimum Grip Range Of .140"
  • Minimum grip of .140" when combined with an .093" nylon washer, allowing an .060" sign to be tightly mounted on a 14GA post.
  • Maximum Grip Range Of .340"
    Can be used to attach a 12GA or 14GA post to a single or double 12GA sleeve anchor.
  • 1" Head Diameter
    40% more contact than competitive Drive Rivets for increased wind loading.
  • Nylon Washer Included With Rivets
    Protects sheeting when mounting the sign to the square tube. Not to be used when mounting the tube to anchor.
  • Tapered Head
    Attractive, safe and assurance of SFS quality.
  • Rivets And Washers Packed In Bags Of 100
    Better inventory control.
  • Economical
    Lowest priced SFS aluminum rivet.
  • Bags Of Rivets And Washers Taped Together
    Ease of installation.
  • Lot Number On Each Bag Of Rivets
    Traceable to raw material.

Tech Specs

  • Material
  • Aluminum
  • Diameter
  • Head Diameter
  • 1"
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