VC252 Steel U-Bolt Assembly

An assembly which includes a steel stamping,U-bolt, two square nuts and a sign mounting bolt.  Two assemblies are required to mount one sign.  If two signs are to be mounted back to back, a “D” added to the part number will result in the appropriate components.


  • Steel, Zinc Plated
  • Economical. Corrosion resistant.
  • Large, Flat Contact Area
  • Better for wind loading.
  • Tapped Hole In Stamping
  • Permits preferred method of sign mounting.
  • Easy Access
  • Signs can be mounted with open end
  • or adjustable wrenches.
  • Several Hardware Options
  • VC252-2 includes VCB256 bolt
  • with oversize EPDM washer.
  • Substitutions would include
  • VC190, VCB148T-1, VC156-1 and VCB196-1.
  • Back To Back Option
  • A "D" suffix eliminates the U-bolt
  • and adds hex head bolts,
  • another stamping and another sign mounting bolt.
  • SimiFast Part Number
  • Brackets can ship from stock.
  • Packed In Boxes of 50
  • Better inventory control.

Tech Specs

  • Material
  • Nuts and Bolts are steel.
  • VCB256 mounting bolt includes an EPDM washer.
  • VCB256C SS mounting bolt includes an EPDM washer.
  • Finish, Zinc
  • Post Diameter
  • Available for 2 3/8" O.D.
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