VC147 Carriage Bolt Assembly

A universal threaded fastener assembly developed in 1976 to mount wooden or metal signs to  4” X 4” wooden posts.  The assembly enabled a field installation with two assemblies and a box wrench rather than working out of four boxes of hardware.


  • Uses Standard Carriage Bolt, Exact size readily available for any application.
  • Available Pre-Assembled, Most convenient for installer
  • Available Un-Assembled, More economical
  • Uses Vandlgard-Nut, Tamper resistant
  • Packed In Box Of 100, Work out of one box whether assembled or bulk
  • Field Tested, Still holding up after 25 years in snow burial and ultra-violet test sites

Tech Specs

  • Materials and Finish
  • Bolt: Steel, zinc plate
  • Adapter: Black nylon
  • Spacer: Biodegradable cardboard
  • Washer: Black nylon
  • Nut: Zinc die-cast
  • Diameter
  • Available in 5/16 - 18 and 3/8-16
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