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Vandlgard Nut Aluminum High Torque

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#10-24 Vandlgard Nut Aluminum VCN138-3
Sold by Package - 100/Package
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A multi-purpose frangible (break-a-way) nut, installed with a standard wrench and removed by authorized persons by a special procedure. Good for traffic signs, mailboxes and many other applications where theft is a concern.

Wrenching Element Breaks Off At Predetermined Torque

Can't be removed with standard hand tools. Tightness is not determined by judgment of installer.

Threaded Portion Is Tapered

Can't be gripped with pliers and has attractive finish.

Machined From Aluminum Hex Bar

No corrosion at break-groove

Anodized Finish

Additional corrosion resistance.

Nuts are Packed in Bags of 100

Better inventory control.

Lot Number on each Bag of Nuts

Traceable to raw material.


Material: Aluminum hex bar
Finish: Clear anodize
Diameter: Available in #10 through 3/8" UNC, UNF and Metric thread sizes: Torque (Breakoff)
Appropriate for GR2 or GR5 bolts

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