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• Introduction to Fastener University

Introduction to Fastener University

Welcome to Simi Fastener's Fastener University. Each section contains documents and videos designed to instruct and educate you on all aspects of fastener technology. We will be producing and adding more documents and videos, so check back for more.

PDF Documents

Glossary of Terms

Video Library

Fastener University - Introduction

Welcome to Simi Fast's Fastener University. Your souce for knowledge for all things to do with fastenening systems and components.

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• Measuring Hardware

Measuring Hardware

This section of our Fastener University will teach you how to correctly measure hardware from nuts, washers, bolts and screws. This will ensure you get the right fastener hardware for your specific job.

PDF Documents

Conversion Chart

Chart that show conversions for fraction / decimals / millimeters

Thread Sizes and Threads per Inch

Video Library

Fastener University - Measuring Bolts and Screws

Fastener University - Measuring Nuts and Washers

Fastener University - More Information

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• Fastener Types